Tombola Bingo Has Huge Plans

Tombola will build new HQOne of my personal favourites, Tombola Bingo, the brand that offers the most exclusive and unique games in the country is about to get bigger. They have recently shared their vision of the future as well as their specific plans. Here it is: they are building a fresh new headquarters campus near their current offices, and that place will be the home of the entire working process. If you are one of the avid fans of the brand, it might interest you to know that they are doing fine. That much is obvious, at least. And if you happen to live in the area in question, the news is all the more important to you. More details follow in the paragraphs below.

Currently, tombola (yes, it is spelled with a low-case ‘t’, indeed) keeps offices at Wylam Wharf in Sunderland. Over 200 employees work there, and the whole business is done in-house. The provider has developers, designers, content creators, art teams and customer support to cover all the aspects of their services and their relations with the customers. They provide the living of plenty of families in the region which has traditionally low employment levels.

The company has contracted the award-winning and famous Ryder Architecture for the project. Papers have already been filed with the Sunderland City Council. If approved, the new building could be complete by the autumn next year. The value of the deal is £5 million. The architect company was chosen after a competition, and the designers’ team have been working closely with Tombola to come up with the solution. The new campus will be located near the current headquarters on Rose Line. The design plans ‘a transparent east facade that will reinforce the connection with the riverside’ and the existing main building. It shows an ambition and good future prospects.

Phil Cronin, of Tombola“Originating and developing the best gaming software means attracting and retaining the best talent in a growing and highly competitive market. Providing world-class facilities for our team – and future employees – will help us achieve this.”
Phil Cronin, CEO of tombola

And why am I so excited about this? Well, none other reason but my personal preference for the brand. They really stand out from the rest with their determination to offer proprietary products and not use any externally developed software platforms. You can be sure that what you find on their site is absolutely exclusive, and there is a lot of personalisation that you can do when you adjust your playing settings. If you are already curious about what I’ve just said, why don’t you take a few moments to read my overview of the site and their offers? So, when I read the news I knew that their situation is good and they even have potential to grow. That new campus will have the capacity for more employees. At least two things follow: more jobs for the region and bright future for the website.