Playtech Releases a New Bingo Game towards the End of February

Cash Cube, the new bingo game from VFI know it sounds like a dream, but it’s true. Playtech, with its excellent bingo arm Virtue Fusion, will be bringing an entirely novel bingo variation to the websites running on its software. The great bingo network is about to become one title richer at the end of February. We haven’t played this new game yet, we only got a preview of its routine. Hopefully, it will be as lucrative as the other amazing offers from the star portfolio. The game is called Cash Cubes and it’s about cash definitely. And cubes, of course. See our screenshot to get an idea and read the details below.

Cash Cubes: the new bingo variant by Playtech
It’s played with 36 balls and the ticket looks like a large square consisting of 4 individual cubes. Each side of the four cubes has a number, making them 16 in total. These are the numbers which get called during the game. When a number that features on your cubes is drawn, it gets marked and when all the four numbers get hit, the cube itself explodes into non-existence. That’s a pretty lively sight, to be honest. Once all the cubes explode, you have a full house.

There are four colours of cubes to choose from and they are directly connected with the pricing. Orange cubes cost 10p, green are purchased for 50p, purple ones go at £1 and red are the most expensive, £2. Marking off a cube will return a 200% win, so if the numbers on your red cube are called, you’ll receive £4 cash. The full house prize depends on your bet and there is also a community jackpot to be shared among all the participants in the game. From what we’ve seen, it will be a pretty fast-paced game and many rounds will be accomplished in an hour. We don’t know yet how often it will be played, in how many rooms or during which time segments of the day.

This game will be available to all players and across all platforms right from the start. You will be able to try your hand at it on your desktop PC, your laptop, smartphone, tablet or phablet. We’ll see if Windows Phones and Blackberry mobile units will be catered for because Virtue Fusion offers well-developed games not only to the market leaders Android and iOS. One thing is for sure, players all around the UK bingo land can’t wait to see the new addition.