10 Bingo Halls in the UK

In this article we are going to tell you about ten of the land-based bingo clubs that you may still find in cities and towns across the country. Although there has been a significant drop in the number of people visiting brick-and-mortar establishments, such places still have their core fans. People go there not just to play bingo, but to get together with friends, too. That is especially strong in smaller communities and in towns where not so much entertainment is available. When you look in various guides, you will find the same couple of names repeated time and again. Yet, there are some bingo halls that are unique in their areas and it is good to know that people there try to preserve the tradition alive.

When speaking of physical halls, you will notice that electronic bingo is way more widespread than the paper-based version with a human caller. There are many pros and cons to that, of course. We haven’t discriminated by that criteria. We have picked 10 bingo halls that are located in different parts of the country, trying to offer a variety of places. Some have only electronic game types, while other offer more choice. We wanted to be as helpful as possible and provide key details about them.

Gala Bingo in Surrey Quays: A Name Everyone Knows

Gala is a brand that appears in many towns across the United Kingdom. They are well-presented and have astounding reputation. The club in Surrey Quays has a bar and diner, a vast parking lot for 300 vehicles, a cash machine and it offers facilities for the disabled. In addition to bingo, you may play at exciting slot machines that yield huge jackpots. Morning sessions start at 11am from Monday to Saturday and cost £5 per session. The afternoon sessions open at 1pm between Monday and Friday and roll at 1:30pm at the weekend. Evening sessions start at 7:30pm every day. There are free afternoon sessions, except on Saturday. The prices vary between £2 and £5 and there are electronic packages offered at quite reasonable prices. Plus, you can celebrate your special day in Gala. Just ask in the club.

Mecca Bingo on Hackney Road: The Trendiest Club in London

That is one of the trendiest land-based clubs in the area. Mecca is undisputedly one of the biggest names when it comes to all things bingo, and especially to integrating brick-and-mortar clubs with online sites. The club is located in a converted cinema buidling, it has a parking lot, access and facilities for the disabled and, of course, bar and diner. You can play electronic bingo there, with package prices starting at £3. Morning sessions are available only on Saturday, and we’d rather call them lunchtime sessions as they start right at noon. All afternoon sessions open at 1pm, and the evening ones begin at 7pm. That is the basic schedule for the whole week. There are free options for Monday afternoons and the early Sunday afternoon session includes the price for the late one. It is the same with the Monday evening sessions. Prices are between £2 for Saturday mornings and £18 for Friday evenings. Somewhat steep figures, if you ask my honest opinion, but that’s what a trendy club has on offer.

BJs Bingo Club in Birmingham: A Friendly and Lucrative Place

BJ’s Bingo is online, too, and on their website you may learn about all their current and upcoming promotions. Their Birmingham club was the target of a recent armed robbery, during which staff in the room were threatened with a gun and a ‘small amount of money’ was stolen. The bingo is a preferred socialising spot for many locals. One of the regulars there was banned from the hall for using abusive language in answer to the traditional bingo calls.

Strip prices start at £3 on Monday evenings, vary between £5 and £10 for most other afternoons and evenings and get up to £12 on Friday evenings and £15 on Sunday evenings. Prizes also vary. They start from £50 per house on Friday and Sunday afternoons and reach up to £1,000 on Sunday evenings. On other days, they are between £100 and £500. The hall launches many promotions with tasty prizes and any member can sign up to their message list to get updates.

Club 3000 in Manchester: A Place for Many Nice Surprises

This welcoming bingo hall is one of 12 land-based clubs and they offer nice food and drinks, comfortable seats, parking lots and much more to bring you to their house. You can easily check their top menu items and view some photos online. Club 3000 are present on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube, and maintain a very nice website. Their social network profiles post regular updates about the current promotions on the venue. Free gifts and discount vouchers add to the fun of populated link games and cashpot flyers. There are also free games! That is very uncommon for brick-and-mortar halls and we are happy to find such a friendly bingo.

Riva Club in Sutton: State-Of-The-Art Electronic Bingo Experience

The club is open 7 days a week and gives players plenty of chances to win great prizes. There are 600 seats and it can get really hot. When you want to relax between the games, you can do so in the bar, or have a bite in the diner. Modern slot machines, including £500 Jackpot ones are also at your disposal. In terms of facilities, let me mention there is free parking provided and full disability access. In terms of bingo, there are several main sessions and promotional offers every day, so that all players may be encompassed. You can order some great meals or organise your personal party there, as well.

Beacon Bingo in Northampton: Welcoming All Players

The building is fully air-conditioned, and was built for the purpose of being a bingo hall. It has seats for nearly 2000 players, there are 2 bars and two restaurants, and a smokers’ terrace. There are electronic games, but you can also play paper-based bingo with a human caller up in front. There are various theme nights and plenty of parties are held in Beacon. Entertaining slot machines pay out huge jackpots. Customers will have a lot of fun, for sure. That is one of the best land-based establishments. They maintain a good presence on social networks, where you can follow them. That will update you with all the news and you can also see some of the nice pictures that have captured precious moments in the club.

Shipleys Luxury Bingo Club in Redditch

The nice town of Redditch, just 15 miles south of Birmingham, has a luxury bingo club that attracts the local community with its facilities and friendliness. Besides its style, convenience and great food, the place is also famous for its good prizes and events. The club has a great gallery of photos on their website, where you can see how spacious and nice it is, and what a good time players have there. Bingo games and all the modern slots are available. The hall has 1000 seats. You can park for free, using a voucher from the Reception. Meals, snacks, hot and cold drinks – everything in the fully air-conditioned building is intended to bring you fun and entertainment. The Shipleys promotional offers are on their website, and you can get them on your phone. They are many, lucrative and player friendly. Just be there.

The Ritz Bingo in Belper: No Electronics, Pure Paper Fun

This bingo has no competition among brick-and-mortar clubs in the area, because they are the only one there. Still, they cater to their players’ need with great care. A local family opened the club in 2008 and did a general refurbishment to make it more comfortable for visitors. There is a bar and a diner, there are £500 Jackpot Fruit machines and the overall atmosphere is fantastic. Friendly staff help people who are new to bingo and make them feel at home with the game. Great link games are offered, as well as free tea and scone at Friday noon. But, that may change, so make sure you check their website, or follow their Facebook page for updates.

Paradise Island Bingo in Liverpool

For all of you who connect Liverpool with football and the Beatles, here is a new attraction: the Paradise Island Bingo Club. Their motto is ‘We give more for less’. The club has seats for over 1000 players, it is well-furnished and comfortable. The hall is a one-floor building with full access and facilities for the disabled. You can play slots and take part in several bingo sessions per day. Electronic bingo is available here, with very nicely priced packages. The club is open every day and offers food, drinks and free parking.

Castle Bingo in Bootle, Liverpool: Another Home Name for Fans

This bingo occupies a wonderful building offering seats on two levels. There are two coffee bars and a great menu of nice meals. Prices are more than acceptable, as well. The club is one of many Castle bingo halls and holds plenty of well-attended sessions plus many link games and free options. Loyal customers can hardly leave without a gift. Every day of the week has its own schedule offering surprises and entertainment. Every month new promotions are launched to make your bingo diverse and intriguing.

To Sum Up: Land-Based Bingo Is Still Active

Not only is it active, but it offers things you can’t enjoy online. Despite the fact that bingo halls are not open 24/7 as online websites are, they feature physical presence, atmosphere and attendance like no online site can. You can join a local club and use your visits there for an evening out with your spouse or your friends. The drinks, snacks and food you have there, and the fact you can celebrate your birthday or anniversary there, can turn a simple bingo game into an entire experience.

You can look at it from this point of view: the fact that they can drink at home doesn’t stop people from visiting bars. The same goes for cinemas and other entertainment places. Bingo halls are doing their best to offer the personal touch that internet bingo rooms may lack, and they also add the excitement of the live club and the real caller. When you have a numbered set of sessions per day, you will be sure to appear for them. So, the club will be full and the games will be lucrative. Online bingo sites may work non-stop, but what’s the fun of playing with 3 or 4 more people in a room?