Take a Break and Watch the Top 3 Celebrity Bingo Ads With Us

We have seen many bingo ads starring celebrities – Sharon Osbourne and then Shobna Gulati & Steven Arnold for Gala, Verne Troyer for bgo, Katie Price for Foxy Bingo and etc. However we decided to rank here only the funny celebrity bingo ads. Have a look:

Dream Bingo – Thom Evans, Pugs and Donuts

This could have easily fallen in the “Top 3 Sexy Bingo Ads” post because….well because it’s Thom Evans and he’s dancing…and he’s sharing a donut with the lady he’s dancing with…and he’s looking absolutely gorgeous. OK, you get it, that’s enough, I’m already drooling. The Dream Team makes a wish come true in this ad and surprises a lady, who said she dreams of Thom Evans, pugs and donuts.

Jackpotjoy – Barbara Windsor is a Badass

The official Queen of Bingo Barbara Windsor from Eastenders stars in this hilarious ad which was made for Comic Relief and the Red Nose Day. The ad starts in the kitchen, where Barbara tries to make a cake but instead makes a huge mess and then takes another cake from under the counter and blatantly lies she baked it herself earlier. Then we hear the doorbell and what is our surprise when we see a lookalike of the fox from Foxy Bingo. He is dressed in his purple suit and shows off some dancing skills like the real Mr. Foxy. The Queen is not really impressed, though. She cakes the fox and he leaves with a tail between his legs.

Costa Bingo – Godzilla-Like Scary Spice

Scary Spice is coming to get you. Gigantic Mel B is walking in London City, wearing a seductive catsuit and stilettos. She passes by landmarks such as the Gherkin and London Bridge, scaring everybody on her way until she finds a tablet and sits comfortably on a building, ready to play some bingo at Costa. A man stares at her in disbelief and says: “She’s massive!” (not a good idea my friend, not a good idea. Never ever under any circumstances tell a woman she is massive). Then she replies with the tag line: “Jackpot so big – it’s scary!”