Adam French – Bingo Operations Manager at William Hill

This peculiar swap of department heads is very likely going to remain in the top charts for the most interesting developments in the world of Bingo for this year, at least as far as management is concerned. For anyone interested in what goes on behind the scenes of your favourite games, let’s shed some light on this event.

You may have heard the name Robert Sadler. If not, here is what you need to know. He has a long history with William Hill, dating as far back as the year 2002. Mr. Sadler has held the following (pretty extensive) list of positions – Mobile Gaming Operations Manager, Table Gaming Operations Manager, Live Casino and Skills Manager, Gaming operations manager, Bingo Operations Manager and Internet Customer Services Manager (funny to know that if ever you had any quires or experienced any difficulties with your online account back in those days, likelihood is you will have an email or two from him in your mailbox, I do!). In February 2014 the Head of Bingo at the time at William Hill – Barry Sage, officially was replaced by Robert Sadler, rewarding finally his nearly two decades-long stay in the company. As it is often the case in this ever changing industry though, this didn’t last long and he soon was in his turn replaced. But let’s not rush it.

A few weeks ago Rank Interactive reported they have appointed a new bingo operations manager for their well-known brand Mecca. Yes, you guessed it right, it is indeed (ex) William Hill’s Bingo mastermind – Robert Sandler. What’s curious is that around the same time William Hill also had an announcement to make – the appointment of the former head of bingo for Mecca – Adam French, who stepped in the role of senior bingo operations manager. Mr. French started with Rank Group back in 2008 as Marketing Coordinator. He quickly climbed to the top, going through the roles of Marketing Manager, Product Manager to Head of Bingo at Mecca in July 2015. Only 5 months later, as we saw, he switched over to one of the company’s most fierce competitors. See his comment below for a sneak peak on what he is cooking for bingo lovers on William Hill:

William Hill with new head of bingo operations“It’s an exciting opportunity and a chance to re-establish the William Hill Bingo offering and position in the market, I will be focused on improving some of the basics and building up to some key developments later next year”
Adam French

It is rumored that under the new management William Hill is aiming to revitalise the bingo section with a brand new website, leveraging their unique slots games and launching new bespoke and branded bingo content (which we can’t wait to see!). Surely Mr. Sadler over at Mecca won’t be sitting and waiting with his hands crossed, so hold tight, the coming year should be quite a show for all bingo enthusiast, whilst those titans of the gaming online world are fighting over the ever growing bingo audience worldwide.

Our regular readers must be well familiar with the detailed reviews we have hosted here on both companies, but if you are new to the site or simply wish to see how those two compare, before you head over to play, here it is – our Mecca overview from Edlyn and Tom’s view on William Hill. Have fun and check in regularly for more industry news!