Come to Know Emma Huffman

Emma Huffman Biography

Hello friends,
My name is Emma and I am one of the creators behind the BestBingoSites.Co.Uk website. I work as a Planning Officer at Harlow Council and I am really proud to work in the company. Apart from my job, I love being with my family and spend my free time playing online bingo. Well, our family have always been avid bingo fans and players and we kept this tradition over the years. We used to play at a local land-based bingo hall, but then the internet revolution has come and we switched to online bingo instead. Since I am not a tech geek, in the beginning I was a bit scared and refused to play my best-loved childhood game online. Over time, I got used to it and now I find it useful to play from my laptop and love the variety of handy features bingo websites are offering.

A year ago, my daughter Lesly shared with me her idea of creating our own site for reviewing everything around bingo. I was really excited about the idea and I loved it! I have always wanted to share my bingo experience with other players and it was a great opportunity to create our own bingo community, where we could exchange ideas and expert advice with others on how to succeed in online bingo.

Q&A About Emma

Where did this tradition of playing bingo come from?Well, my granny Alice would take me with her every Sunday when she went to the bingo hall, where they used to have weekly bingo. And that’s how everything started!

What is your favourite bingo game?My all-time favourite is Coronation Street Bingo, by Virtue Fusion. ‘Coronation Street’ is my favourite TV show and it’s great to have my two favourite pastimes in one place.

And Bingo Operator?I like the Dragonfish sites – once you get used to the software, you easily find your way around the sites. Plus, they feature some fantastic promotions too.

Online Bingo or the real ‘brick-and mortar’ game?It depends. When I was a child I used to love the bingo game the way it was played in the land-based halls, but now I prefer to enjoy it from the comfort of my home. However, I still join my family friends occasionally at my favourite Mecca club.