Getting Acquainted with Our Author Edlyn Kendal

Edlyn Kendal's Hobbies

My name is Edlyn and I am a 68-year-old housewife who’s always been passionate about bingo!

I have been playing at the local hall every single Sunday for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I had an elbow surgery last year and I couldn’t walk shortly after. Now, I spend most of the time sitting at home and I am fully occupied with my hobbies. I have a green thumb and love gardening, but I also find some time to devote to my bingo passion. Since it’s still difficult to walk to the nearest hall, I opt to try some bingo on the PC that my grandson bought for me. I have always felt a little sceptical about machines, but since I am spending most of the time sitting at home I started using it for playing my favourite game. Still, I enjoy the atmosphere of the brick-and-mortal halls. Sometimes, my granddaughter Lesly, who recently moved to London, drives me to the local bingo club.

Q&A about Edlyn

How did you decide to write on BestBingoSites.Co.Uk?It was actually Lesly’s idea to start BestBingoSites.Co.Uk. She knows how much I love bingo and since I have more free time, I wrote a couple of articles and I helped with a couple of ideas and shared my personal experience with bingo.

What do you enjoy most in bingo?Bingo is not the typical money-maker game, it’s much more. The pleasure comes from playing, not the act of winning. I found many real friends, so I think it’s a much more social game.

Do you have a favourite game?I am an old hand at bingo and I prefer the 90-ball version. I have always played that and I still prefer it!

Which is your favourite bingo site?My current favourite is Wink Bingo. I like the community spirit there, plus they have my favourite 90-ball game in various rooms.
I also like playing at Mecca’s local land-based bingo club!