Tombola Bingo: It’s the Uniqueness We Love

Tombola calls itself the ‘biggest’ bingo site in the UK. We can’t vouch for that, but they are surely the most interesting one. They don’t have any other games but bingo. You won’t find slots here, and there are no arcade games. But, players love them.

Right now you have the chance to grab a bonus from Tombola bingo in December 2018: waste no time and do that today!

This review will explain various details about the website and operator, starting with the welcome bonus, going through the promotional deals and, of course, some of the more formal aspects, such as payment options, mobile compatibility and your personal protection there. Although the welcome treat is not the biggest in the UK, there is a lot on that site that will attract your attention and successfully keep it. The operator offers a very special touch to their service. Read on to find out what I mean.

A Huge Range of Unique Games: A Real Bingo Kingdom

That is what I evaluate as tombola’s greatest achievement: that they manage to offer a pure bingo product in a market where players look for a mixture of games. On this website, you can play not only the most beloved 3 bingo variations: 90-, 75- and 80-ball, but much more. You will be able to play a great number of games that are actually based on bingo and offer amazing chances to win several prizes. Plus, the amounts of your potential winnings depend on the amounts you are inclined to invest. You’ll see in our neat table below that a single game variant frequently sports more than one room and the individual rooms feature different ticket prizes. Another interesting thing with the site is the number of tickets you can buy. It’s never over 24, and usually it is even below 5. That way, many players will have the possibility to hit a prize, because you know that players with more tickets stand better chances to become winners. There are even games for which a player is allowed only one ticket. That makes sure the action is dynamic and varied.

Let’s take Bingo60 as an example. In it, you will get exactly 5 tickets, and they will be with different layouts. There is a ticket with 9 numbers on it, the Orange card. There is a ticket with 10 numbers, and so on. Each combination has its individual colour and yields a separate prize. In addition to that, you get to choose your stakes. The price starts from 25p and goes up to £1. How much you’ll spend on your cards will determine in which range your possible prize will be. And that’s not all. Every game on the site, this one included, features a jackpot alongside the standard game prize. The JP is rewarded according to the particular game rules. In the case of Bingo60, if you have a Full House on your orange ticket in 11 calls or fewer, you hit the orange jackpot. You see that your choice is very rich and there is plenty to entertain you.

Games that have a peculiar number of balls are not all you’ll find on tombola’s website. Apart from Bingo50 and 60, you can join games which are based on bingo but have features from other beloved game types. Pirates is a good example. In it, you’ll have to first board one of the 4 ships, which stand for rooms with varying ticket prices. Then, when you buy your tickets, up to 3 maximum, you’ll see symbols instead of numbers on them. Matching them will yield the prizes. This is a nice crossover between bingo and scratch cards which players like so much. Roller-Coaster is another such example. Here, you can purchase up to 4 carriages. When the game starts, the roller-coaster will get going and during each loop, one ball will fall off the ride. Should that ball match one of those in your carriages, it will land in its respective seat.

There are also games that combine bingo with cards – that is Cinco, which features 20 rooms, with several different ticket prices, and with roulette – that is BingoRoulette, which is played in 4 rooms. In the case of Cinco, you’ll purchase up to 5 five-card hands and the matching will start. OK, I’ll admit that Gamesys sites have the Snap! that has very similar features, and VF offers the Joker Jackpot. Still, Cinco is a different game, with several chances to win. The roulette game, however, is quite unmatched and you can play its like only here. For it, you will purchase sets of chips, which will be positioned on their respective place on the roulette table. Calling the winning numbers is accomplished roulette-style and your prize will again depend on which room you’ve entered.

Test it now!Sort the Rooms According to Your Preferences Using Our Custom Table
Sort by: Variation Price of Tickets Open Number of Tickets Players Admitted Mobile
Mosaic Club 90 10p 24/7 1-24 . yes
Harlequin 90 10p 24/7 1-24 . yes
Kaleidoscope 90 10p 24/7 1-24 . yes
Spectrum 90 10p 24/7 1-24 . yes
Rainbow 90 10p 24/7 1-24 . yes
Bingo75 75 10p 24/7 1-12 . No
Bingo80 80 25p 24/7 1-4 . yes
Bingo60 60 25p – £2 24/7 5 . No
breeze 90 Lite 2p 24/7 1-24 . yes
fluff 90 Lite 2p 24/7 1-24 . yes
cloud 90 Lite 2p 24/7 1-24 . yes
bounce 90 Lite 2p 24/7 1-24 . yes
fizz 90 Lite 2p 24/7 1-24 . yes
bubble 90 Lite 2p 24/7 1-24 . yes
feather 90 Lite 2p 24/7 1-24 . yes
Bingo50 50 25p – £1 24/7 1 . yes
swift Pulse 10p – £2 24/7 1 . yes
spritely Pulse 10p – £2 24/7 1 . yes
flash Pulse 10p – £2 24/7 1 . yes
velocity Pulse 10p – £2 24/7 1 . yes
speedy Pulse 10p – £2 24/7 1 . yes
express Pulse 10p – £2 24/7 1 . yes
zoom Pulse 10p – £2 12 pm – 1 am 1 . yes
lightning Pulse 10p – £2 3 pm – 1 am 1 . yes
whoosh Pulse 10p – £2 7 pm – 12 am 1 . yes
St. Tropez Cinco 5p 24/7 1-5 . yes
Marrakech Cinco 5p 24/7 1-5 . yes
Istanbul Cinco 5p 8 am – 2 am 1-5 . yes
Rio Cinco 5p 8 am – 2 am 1-5 . yes
St. Lucia Cinco 5p 4 pm – 12 pm 1-5 . yes
Venice Cinco 5p 8 pm – 12 pm 1-5 . yes
Tahiti Cinco 5p 8 am – 12 pm 1-5 . yes
Capri Cinco 10p 24/7 1-5 . yes
Cannes Cinco 10p 24/7 1-5 . yes
Cairo Cinco 10p 8 am – 2 am 1-5 . yes
Shanghai Cinco 10p 8 am – 2 am 1-5 . yes
Miami Cinco 10p 4 pm – 12 pm 1-5 . yes
Naples Cinco 10p 8 pm – 12 pm 1-5 . yes
St. Moritz Cinco 20p 24/7 1-5 . yes
Manhattan Cinco 20p 24/7 1-5 . yes
Five-a-Side Cinco 20p 24/7 1-5 . yes
Monte Carlo Cinco 40p 24/7 1-5 . yes
Casablanca Cinco 40p 24/7 1-5 . yes
Mandalay Cinco 40p 8 am – 2 am 1-5 . yes
Havana Cinco 40p 4 pm – 12 pm 1-5 . yes
Aspen Cinco 40p 8 pm – 12 pm 1-5 . yes
Luxor BingoRoulette 10p 8 am – 2 am 1-4 . yes
Mirage BingoRoulette 10p 24/7 1-4 . yes
Venetian BingoRoulette 25p 24/7 1-4 . yes
Bellagio BingoRoulette 50p 24/7 1-4 . yes
The Liberty Pirates 10p 8 am – 2 am 1-3 . No
The Black Pearl Pirates 10p 24/7 1-3 . No
The Golden Hind Pirates 25p 24/7 1-3 . No
The Adventure Pirates 50p 24/7 1-3 . No
Roller-Coaster Roller-Coaster 25p 24/7 1-4 . No
Lucky 7 Lucky 7 10p – £1 24/7 1 . No

Welcome Bonus and Promotions to Your Benefit

Joining Tombola is completely free and very fast. The operator doesn’t want too much of your time to go in registration because they have a great portfolio for you to test. So, to make the long story short, you’ll have an account in no time. To tip you beforehand, a great advantage of the gift is the fact that you can stake your welcome bonus on all games and in all rooms, besides the Hamster Race and Tombola Roulette. But those are the only two games that are not directly based on bingo, so that’s natural. Plus, roulette games are often outside the wagering scope when we speak of bonuses.

Celebrating Your Membership

The operator will double your first deposit up to the value of £50. The greatest advantage I see? Well, there are actually at least two of them. First of all, you can start with a fiver. Most sites need a minimum first deposit of £10, but here you can put down half that amount and still get a welcome bonus. Second, you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings right away, because there are no wagering requirements on your bonus funds. Of course, the free credits are not withdrawable, but all you make staking them is yours to keep and to cashout immediately.

After the initial bonus, there’s little to see in terms of free money. The only free game available is the daily SMS one, which isn’t of the bingo type and is played only if you’ve staked two pounds on proper games already that week. But, notwithstanding that, tombola do have some promotional deals. They keep changing them from week to week, so you’d better check their calendar in order to be in the know. I’ll say it again: I consider their unique games the best thing they have and for me, it’s enough.

One thing you won’t find on the site, apart from proper slot games, is a VIP or Loyalty programme. You won’t collect any points that can be exchanged to bonus funds or gifts later. The only presents you may get are those that come to you as winnings from games and promotions. All the games on the site take part in the regular hot promo deals where players are treated some extra prizes, so don’t think too poorly of the operator.

Bringing You the Utter Experience on the Go

You will be able to use a great native app for both iOS and Android units. Sadly, the players with Windows phones and BlackBerry devices will have to wait before they can play on the go. They can still visit the site, they can even sign up for a free account, but the games are not available. Actually, the older BBOS versions may not be even able to load the mobile site. But, if you are among the lucky ones, the best games are brought to your unit. It’s much easier to say what cannot be played than go into huge details about which rooms are available. You can also check in the Rooms table above.

You won’t be able to enter the Bingo75 and Bingo60 rooms, and you can’t play Pirates or Roller-Coaster, either. The operator has ensured your favourite chat rooms appear on the app, so you can still join them according to your preference. The rooms are very full here, as they are on desktop, but that’s what it’s all about, right? The more players, the better prizes. Chat games and quizzes are also featured on your mobile. The action on a handset is even more fast-paced, so the thrill is all the more intense.


Our Video Representation of This Unique Provider

And if you’re already tired of reading such a long and detailed article, here is a brief video which we took. We hoped to be able to catch the spirit of the website, as well as all the basic and important features you’ll meet. Take a look at the registration process, an overview of some of the special games you can play, and a glimpse in a room or two. We hope it will give you a fair idea of the website. When you know how easy it is, you just go there and play.

Few but Good Payment Options

The minimum deposit of £5 is accepted only once. From then on, you need to put down at least £10. If your account has over £250 balance, you won’t be allowed to add more funds to it. The upper limit of your deposit is £500 at any one time, and you can’t put down more than that in a week. The operator tries to keep you in the low deposit ranges, as no large amounts are needed to play the games. Besides, there is no real use in high deposits, as there is no loyalty scheme to benefit from.

There are several banking methods available on the site and you can register up to 4 to your account. They include mainly card payments, but the breath of fresh air comes from PayPal that is also accepted. With that one available, I hope you’re content. I have to mention, though, that no pre-paid options are featured, nor any other web-wallets.

The maximum you can withdraw is up to the total amount available in your account, but you should note that anything above £2,000 will be sent to you by check. You just need to have £10 remaining in your account. Withdrawals can take up to 5 working days. Cheques are the slowest method, of course. Paypal, for comparison’s sake, will take up to 72 hours before your money is in your bank account.


Awards and Outstanding Business Reputation

The operator is based in the UK, it is one of the interesting examples of a home business that stands alone in a corporate world of networks and groups. The brand was established in 1999 by Phil Cronin, who had worked in his family company that provided paper bingo tickets to land-based halls for over 3 decades. The business was established in Sunderland and still has its headquarters there. Every aspect of the product is made in-house by regular company employees, no tasks are outsourced. The brand is in close connections with the local higher schools in search of talented undergraduates who can be hired. In 2012, the brand expanded to Italy and Spain.

Since their incorporation, tombola have received many accolades. The most memorable ones are those awarded by the eGR Magazine, which is an extremely reputable gaming resource. The website was commended as Bingo Operator of the Year for 3 consecutive years between 2012 and 2014, and once before, in 2010. Other awarding bodies have also been generous to the brand, and it holds prizes for Best Bingo Chat Hosts (2009, 2010 & 2012, Bingoport), Best Online Game Innovation for Bingo Roulette (2010, Bingoport), Best Bingo TV Commercial (2012, Bingoport), and Socially Responsible Operator (2013, eGR).

The Support Service is excellent. All the agents are well-trained and helpful. If you spend some time on the site looking at the Terms and Conditions or the Promotions, a chat window will open suggesting you get in touch with one of the agents. The operator assumes that you have some issues and rushes to help immediately. The Customer Help is available non-stop. Apart from the Live Chat, there is a free phone and an email which will respond within 4 hours. I can vouch that service is top-notch there.

As for security and player protection, this is a website you can trust. They hold a full gambling licence from the UK Gambling Commission and employ the latest encryption technologies. The entire site is secured and all you do there is safe. When you join and deposit, your data, both personal and financial will be protected from abuse. As for social responsibility, tombola is also a good example. They are certified as partners by some of the leading bodies and institutions that provide counselling against problematic gambling. On the site, you will find plenty of advice for helping players and their families keep the fun in their gaming hobby.

Detailed Information about the Brand
Address:Wylam Wharf, Low Street, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, SR1 2JR License Number:000-038613-R-319397-002
Software:Proprietary Owner:Tombola International Plc
Free UK Number:0800 29 888 73 Email:support@tombola.co.uk

Our Brief Conclusion: The Site Is Worth Your Time

I loved the site at first sight. That is not an overstatement. In this very wide market, where plenty of brands spring from the same software platform, it must be a hard job to be so unique and keep the pure bingo spirit in your offering. It was actually my experience on tombola which made me look in a different way at all the rest of the operators. Joining, putting down money, getting the bonus – all that was a piece of pie. They don’t make you wager your bonus and deposit, but you can withdraw right away. They don’t put any limitations as to your cashouts, but you have to leave a tenner in your balance. And they don’t allow you to go in too deep, putting a limit to your deposits.

True, the welcome bonus is not huge, but you can use it on all the games there (small exceptions only) and when you win, you can take your money. True, there aren’t free, penny or BOGOF games, but the higher the ticket price, the better the prizes won. Plus, owing to the upper limit of the number of tickets you can buy, and the number of players per room, you stand very good chances to grab tasty sums. My experience was great, and my evaluation of the operator is very high.

  • I joined tombola because they’re neighbours and wanted to see what they did. They didn’t let me down. I love the games, I can’t imagine switching to another provider.Comment by: valueadded_CC
  • A lovely site! No two opinions about it. I’ve played on others, with bigger bonuses, but it’s all a big lie, in fact. tombola are open and true to their players.Comment by: Harriet87
  • I’ve just joined. I already made over £50. So, I guess, I like it. And the games! I’ve never imagined there can be anything so new in online bingo.Comment by: theBlueDale12

What are the general requirements towards my bonus?

The welcome bonus you receive cannot be withdrawn and cannot be used to play Hamster Race or Tombola Roulette. There are no further conditions or restrictions put on that gift. That means that you can play it for as long as you want. It will not expire. That also means you can withdraw your winnings without hurting your bonus. The only peculiarity you need to observe in that aspect is that your account should have a positive balance where the remaining bonus and your own cash should be equal.

Why can’t I play the free SMS game with my bonus money?

The operator gives that free game as a compliment to loyal players who deposit and stake real money on the site. The only condition, and that is not too hard, is that you stake two pounds of your own cash to get a full week’s access to it. Considering the prizes amount to £20,000 per week, that’s not too much of a condition, is it?

Why do I open the mobile site on my BlackBerry, but can’t play?

The company wants you to have an idea what they offer and want to give you a chance to join them. So far, however, the gaming platform for BlackBerry players is only on desktop. We do hope that you’ll have full access to the portfolio on all your devices in the very near future.

The deposit options seem insufficient to me. Is there any you haven’t mentioned?

You will find that the most popular payment methods are accepted on the site. We have included them all in our review. To sum them up, they include the major cards, PayPal and withdrawal of large amounts by cheque.