Get Acquainted with Me, Lesly Burns!

Bio Info About Lesly

Hello, my name is Lesly Burns! I was born in Bristol, but last year I moved to London to become a Manager in the Marketing department of a local company.
In my free time I like to sit with my family and play our favourite pastime, so it won’t surprise you that I am one of the founders of BestBingoSites.Co.Uk, the place to find the best bingo offers and the games you have always raved about!

My family and I decided to start this website after being told by our friends that we have a talent for nosing out the best bingo deals online. When asked how I manage to nose out the best promotions, I find it really difficult to find the correct answer. As I am passionate about bingo, I have spent hours and hours putting in time-consuming research in the hope of finding the answers of my questions. However, it was a fruitless attempt to find what I need, so I decided to start up my own research and help other bingo enthusiasts find their way around the best places to play online.

Q&A About Lesly

Why choose writing about Bingo?Writing about bingo can mean many things. I work in the online marketing department and I am well experienced at writing articles and I have been involved in creative design, which was very helpful for me with starting the site.

What is your favourite bingo game?I have many. I love the 90-ball variant that I usually play with my little brother, but sometimes I like to experiment and try something different like Gala’s ‘Coconut Island’ game for example.

And a favourite bingo operator? Why?I like all Virtue Fusion sites, but Gala is my all-time favourite. They have both traditional and innovative games with great quality. Naturally I have some favourites from other networks as well.

Do you play at a land-based bingo hall? Where?Yes, I love spending my Sunday at Mecca’s local bingo hall.