Meet the New Teammate, Mitchel Bennet

Bio Info About Mitchel

Hello bingo fans,
My name is Mitchel Bennet and I will be your eyes and ears when it comes to the Terms and Conditions of the gambling operators. Sometimes it’s hard to interpret what the fine print says and other times (let’s be honest) it’s just too much to read. Who reads the T&Cs anyway, you just tick the box, right? Well, I do read them. And ticking a random box is not a good idea. I will write articles to clarify all points which seem too complex or I will just attract your attention to parts I think you should read carefully.

And now let me say a few words about myself. I am a native Londoner and I love this city. I am halfway through my International LLB (Hons) course at the Kingston Law School, so as you now see T&Cs are my favourite puzzle to solve. Since I am still a student I would like to stress that my articles will be purely informational but I will not give any legal advice. On a more personal, I like Greek mythology and I can also speak some Greek, filoi mou. My favourite Greek god is Poseidon, ‘the God of the Sea’. Maybe it’s because we kind of look alike – curly hair, beard, a six-pack. Don’t drool girls, I’m a more lawyerish version of this Olympian.

And finally, let me tell you what brings me in this wonderful team. It’s actually my friend Fred, who is also a law student at Southampton. We met last summer at a hearing, we discussed the case and we became friends almost instantly. So when he contacted me with an offer to take part in this project I was more than thrilled. I will do my best to add value to this team of professionals.

Q&A About Mitchel

What was the biggest challenge when writing your articles?Maybe the hardest part is not to go over the top with the legal talk. Our goal is to explain complex language in simple words but sometimes it’s really easy to get carried away.

To be honest before I started writing these articles I assumed bingo is a pass time activity mainly for old ladies in clubs from the 60ies. Now that I’ve played a few online bingo games myself, I’ve definitely changed my opinion. It’s really interactive and modern.

I find pattern bingo quite interesting because it’s more challenging. But I also enjoy branded rooms like DOND bingo because I am already familiar with the TV show.

Have you ever played at a land-based bingo hall? Where?When I was young my aunt would take me with her at the local bingo club every Saturday. It was all very different back then so when I went to Gala Bingo in Stratford a few weeks ago I was really surprised how modern it felt.