Weekly Overview 14th December – 20th December

Holiday season at BestBingoSitesWell hello again to everyone joining us today! Whether you celebrate Christmas and New Year or not, you surely must be affected with the mayhem the holiday season causes all around. We are no exception to the rule, being snowed in under tons of work, which luckily in our case is synonymous with fun! Let’s have a look at what has kept us busy in the past 7 days.

We added another gem to our collection of reviews this week. Emma had some crazy fun on Loony Bingo and came back quite pleased. You can read about her expirience in detail, it is surely worth your time and will give you some handy tips about the site and general information to guarantee you a memorable and pleasant stay. She’s done a good job as always. She was evidently busy last week, as the next thing I am about to introduce you to is her doing as well – the super interesting and well-written article on the new hire at William Hill. That was Emma’s work too, our little busy bee! Enjoy that read here, I sure did.

We all had our fair portion of fun on social networks with some hilarious EastEnders moments on Monday, then later on some Australian bingo slang and etymology lesson of our own, British one. On Tuesday Daniel had some impressive find – a list of themed bingo clubs in London, that he shared with us and with his followers online. Towards the middle of the week I discovered playing bingo has it’s health benefits as well! Good to know, play on! Tom had us giggling again with some real comments from employees in bingo halls. Edlyn shared the news about bingo players raising funds to fight cancer – something that we will all be happy to hear about more often! Poor Edlyn was all messed up with some bingo lingo this week as well, apparently Pikachou means nothing but the neighbour’s dog name to her and she couldn’t get what it had to do with bingo! Oh well, nobody’s perfect, let her get away with it this one time! To be fully part of the gang on all levels and not miss any of those moments with us, do follow our main network profiles or/and the personal ones of your favourite authors from our blog.

The coming week is going to be hectic for everyone, a crazy mixture of work overload and parties, pretty sure that is the case for anyone in any industry this season. We all at BestBingoSites wish you the best ever meeting of the new year and you know what they say – the harder you work, the luckier you get. In our case this could be “The harder we work, the luckier you get”. This is what we do and will continue to do – making sure you have the latest and most reliable information about everything you need to know from the world of bingo. So go have a blast of a New Year and be back soon!