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The Terms and Conditions at Gala BingoThe Terms and Conditions of Gala Bingo are well written and detailed. Make sure you read through them carefully before playing bingo at the website, as they will apply if you play at Gala Bingo. So with this in mind, I would like to mention a few interesting paragraphs, which I found while reading through these terms. For your convenience, I have summarised the Terms and Conditions, as last updated on 1st of November 2014. If you have any queries related to this information, do not hesitate to contact me at info@bestbingosites.co.uk.

Contents of the T&C Article

Here you will see listed all the topics found within the General Terms and Conditions. When you first look at the website, the font size might seem rather small, but the information is presented in a logical and organised way, with clear subject headings. Within the T&C content, you can find a direct link to the webpage containing Gala Bingo’s Privacy Policy, which is also very important for players. You should also consider that there are specific Terms for the free games, for the promotions and for the VIP players. You will notice that I have added my comments to certain paragraphs, where I think clarification or additional information is required.



3Opening an Account

4Account Verification

5Username, Password & Customer Information

.5.2. We advise that You should be careful when choosing Access Information that may be known by family members, particularly children or anyone under 18. Any third party, including anyone under 18, must not be permitted to use Your account and cannot accept any winnings on Your behalf. .

Comment: This is an important issue that is worthy of further discussion here. It is highly recommended that when choosing a username, password or any other access information, to come up with something that is very unlikely to be known by any of your family members, especially minors. Otherwise this could be considered as a breach of the Operator’s Responsible Gambling Policy.

6Deposits & Withdrawals

7Prohibited Acts, Breaches & Account Closure

8Dormant Accounts

.8.4. When activity resumes on an account which has been inactive for a period we may perform additional security checks to ensure access is legitimate and to safeguard the integrity of Your account. This may result in a request for additional information and/or the temporary suspension of Your account while the checks are carried out, especially if any of Your personal details, payment details or contact information have become out-of-date. .

Comment: When you don’t login into your Gala Bingo account for a certain period of time, it may be noticed by the company and probably result in a temporary freeze of your account. So when you decide to start playing again, this measure will only be taken with the intent to safeguard you and your personal data. The operator may require some further information from you in order to verify your identity. This is very good practice because it will prevent any unwanted damages or losses that could appear as a result of third party unauthorized access.


We review the T&C at Gala

10Promotional Offers

11Normal “Working” Hours

12Placing Your Bets

13Valid Bets and Wagers

14Breach of Terms

15Errors or Omissions

16Time Critical Events

17Odds Comparison Sites

18Complaints and Disputes


20Unfair Advantage

21Responsible Gambling

.You cannot revoke, rescind or withdraw a self-exclusion agreement prior to the stated expiry date. New Gala Coral Group accounts of any kind may not be opened. During Your self-exclusion period, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that You will no longer receive marketing materials. We will also employ reasonable automated checks to endeavour to ensure that You can no longer transact with Gala Coral Group remote accounts. .

Comment: Although gambling is usually fun, at some point it could become a problem. The T&C’s of Gala Bingo provide assistance to all players who feel that gaming may damage their personal or social life, relationships with family, or may cause them losses. For those players there is an opportunity to self-exclude themselves from participating in gambling activities. This is a process whereby you request from the operator to prevent your access to your player profile for a specified period. During this period, you will not be able to go back on your decision or access your account.

22IT Failure

23Alteration of the Service

24Third Party Software

25Events Outside Our Control



28Intellectual Property

29Confidential Information

30Governing Law and Jurisdiction



33Additional Terms

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