Fred Miles – Our New Legal Expert

Bio Info About Fred

Hey there,
It’s Fred and I will be one of the guys who analyses the boring fine print. In other words, I will be the bookworm that saves you a lot of time reading the Terms and Conditions over and over again, or at least, I will simplify the legal jargon for you. Now let me tell you more about me. I am still a student at the Roehampton Law School and London is also my hometown. I have a scarlet macaw that looks exactly like the character from Disney’s Aladdin, hence its name Iago. His favourite word is ‘cracker’, go figure, right!

Anyway, let me get back to how I got involved in this project. Since I am a bingo player myself I found bestbingosites.co.uk quite a useful guide when looking for a specific piece of information. I play both online and offline, but to be honest, I need help when choosing a bingo site, since there are hundreds of them. I started reading reviews here and I was impressed by the fact how detailed and accurate they are. So I decided to contact the team and give them a thumbs up. One thing led to another and the idea about a collaboration was born. As they say, everything happens for a reason, right?

Q&A About Fred

What was the biggest challenge when writing your articles?Well, I have to admit it’s trying to refrain from using the legal jargon, you know – it comes natural to us, lawyers. But I always remind myself that my audience needs me to talk human.

Do you have a favourite bingo game?Oh, definitely yes. Many of them. I like playing the classic 90-ball bingo but I also like a lot the 80-ball ‘Cashline’ because the games go faster.

And a bingo operator? Why?Naturally, it’s Mecca Bingo since my favourite game is hosted there. And they have a lot of branded rooms online, which is great.

Have you ever played at a land-based bingo hall? Where?Yes, I have to say Mecca again. My favourite one is in Catford because it’s near to my house. But I also like playing on the train. It makes the commute to my university tolerable.